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CARNET for students
| Page last updated at 20. 2. 2018. 14:50 |
CARNET for students

Due to a number of services offered by CARNET, today the process of education and acquisition of new skills is better and faster than ever.

Students are entitled to affordable and fast Internet access via CARNET network (MobileCARNET, XCARNET and 3DCARNET, MetroCARNET, DUO.CARNET, OptiCARNET, CARNET modem entries). With the aid of CARNET online courses, students can improve their knowledge and skills in numerous areas of information and communication technologies. A room videoconferencing system enables students to participate in remote lectures. 

In addition to the mentioned services, CARNET designed for its students many other services which play a role in improvement of computer literacy and development of common culture.