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List of CARNET Services

Abuse Service – receives and processes reports concerning security incidents and abuse of CARNET resources

Adobe Connect - web collaboration tool with options such as whiteboard, chat, screen content distribution, windows or individual applications, speech and image transmission, surveys and various other possibilities

Advice and training for the implementation of e-learning - counseling and educational support to organizations interested in the implementation of e-learning

Baltazar - a part of CARNET Meduza which contains the complete Zagreb film education programme

CARNET 1D/2D/3D - service of individual access to CARNET Network via VIPnet cable television infrastructure

CARNET Bandwidth Meter - enables CARNET network users to measure connection speed between their computers and CARNET network

CARNET Debian - Distribution of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, customized to the needs of the CARNET members

CARNET Users Conference CUC - conference for the users of internet and information communication technologies, organized with the purpose to disseminate knowledge and experience

CMS for schools - system providing a simple way to publish and update web sites through a web browser

Content filtering - system that prevents the display of websites of objectionable content on computers in Croatian primary and secondary schools

CARNET System Engineer Education - training and certification for CARNET system engineers on an individual basis

Domains - registration of internet domains

DUO.CARNET / TRIO.CARNET Plus - a service offering internet access via the CARNET network, unlimited internet traffic, more affordable telephoning and television portal - the central point for accessing educational services provided by CARNET, accessible by using the electronic identity in the AAI@EduHr system

eduBookstore - a service enabling CARNET users to purchase and download educational books and other educational content in digital form

e-Citizens mToken - a letter of credentials of the safety level 3 which consists of a mobile and a server application

e-Class Register - web application for the management of the class register in electronic form

E-islands - connection of local elementary schools on the islands with their central schools by wireless data links which enable distance classes through videoconferences, make the exchange of course materials and access to it possible, and, to some extent, reduce the need for frequent travel

e-Laboratory - the portal providing its users with information about tools, systems and applications in the field of e-learning

eLektire - comprehensive works of Croatian and foreign authors, including those which are on the lists of mandatory school reading assignments, in electronic form

E-mail - use of the e-mail service

Electronic identity - virtual identity in the CARNET network given to individual users from CARNET member institutions (primary and secondary school students, teachers, students, professors and member institution employees), which enables them to use CARNET services

FTP - network service for data file exchange, primarily intended for distribution of CARNET packages and mirroring of the more popular content on the internet

Helpdesk for CARNET System Engineers - technical support for administration of the GNU/Linux operating system on the servers of CARNET members

Hosting service for primary and secondary schools - service that provides opening of e-mail addresses and creation of a school website

Internet transmission (streaming) - one-sided transmission of multimedia contents live online

Libar - a service that allows CARNETs users to easily create, publish and use the digital content applicable in teaching: multimedia digital documents, presentations and e-books in EPUB and PDF format

mCARNET - application for accessing mobile services provided by CARNET

Media on Demand - adaptation of recorded material (audio, video), and publishing it on the web sites of the MoD system archive

Mediation in resolving computer incidents – in case that the network from which the attack originated cannot be easily identified and if the report to the authorised Abuse service was not sufficient to stop the illegal network activities and the incident repeats over a longer period of time, creating the need for mediation in solving the incident, the incident should be reported to CARNET

Meduza - a service for the distribution of multimedia content for educational and academic institutions and individual users from CARNET member institutions

Membership in the CARNET Network - membership of institutions from the educational system and the academic community, which enables them to connect to the CARNET network and use CARNET services

Microsoft Download Center - a central place for download of Microsoft software for primary and secondary schools in Croatia

Mobile / A1 CARNET - services of individual wireless access to the CARNET Network through the VIPnet mobile network

Modern technologies in education (STO) - a one-day event for students of teachers' colleges and faculties with teacher courses to provide insight into new approaches to teaching with the support of technology

Moodle/Loomen - programme tool for the creation of electronic educational content and for holding distance classes

mToken - application for the generation of one-time passwords required for specific CARNET services

National distance learning portal "Nikola Tesla" - online courses in mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry for secondary schools, ECDL courses, and courses in Internet technologies

News - exchange of messages and communication online between a large number of users

NTP - system of time servers

O2CARNET -  service of broadband Internet access based on the ADSL technology of access to the CARNet Network, via a telephone connection through the Optima Company

Office365access to Office365 tools for all members of the education system

Permanent connection - service through which CARNET provides its members with constant connection to the internet

Portal for System Engineers - a portal intended for CARNET system engineers, but also for other interested public, following the most important developments in the information technology world, connected to the activities and interests of system engineers

Public server - computer system through which a larger number of persons, employed in different institutions, or employed in institutions outside of the systems financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, use CARNET network services

School portal - an internet portal for students, teachers, schools and parents, containing useful information for the educational community, and digital course materials

Server Certificates - issuing of electronic server certificates signed by a root CA (Certification Authority), recognised by the most of the popular client software programs

Service for domain holders - service which is offering a possibility to all domain holders to create web pages via simple CMS (Wordpress) and hosting of those web pages on CARNET servers. The goal of the service is presenting domain holder, his interests and hobbies for non-commercial purposes. This service is free for domain holders.

Security Recommendations - service of following and publishing safety recommendations in Croatian for 15 most popular operating systems

Supervision for Institutions - supervisory service for the member institutions, which enables the automatic supervision of various incidents on the computer-network infrastructure of the institution and the informing of system-engineers on incidents that occur

sys.backup - a service that enables CARNET's system engineers to backup their data over the network in a secure manner

Teacher training - service of providing support to the teachers in selecting the optimal teaching methods and software solutions which can contribute to a higher quality of the teaching process

Tele2CARNET - service of individual wireless access to CARNET Network via Tele2 mobile network

User support service - helpdesk - provides information about CARNETs services, methods and conditions of their use and provides help in case of any problems

Videoconferences - establishing a videoconferencing connection between two or the more locations included in the system

Virtual servers - service intended for full member institutions with smaller number of users, which do not have a system engineer

voopIX - system based on the VoIP technology, enabling free phone conversations between member institutions, MSES and CARNET, as well as other advanced options

Vulnerability scanning -  verification of security conditions of computers and other devices for the CARNET member institutions and internet service providers

Web space - space for publishing websites

Webinars - online seminar, lecture or workshop organized by CARNET

Webmail - Web browser for reading electronic mail