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CARNET for pupils

For all pupils attending CARNET member schools, using the Internet and the technology has become easy and simple. CARNET offers all schools a secure and fast Internet connection through the CARNET network, and you only have to use all the advantages this service is offering you.

CARNET offers you several different methods of accessing the Internet, where, among other things, you can find many informational, educational and interesting contents, prepared for you by CARNET. Learning becomes more fun with online lessons at the "Nikola Tesla" National Portal for Distance Learning. Schools Portal brings you many educational texts and advice for filling your free time.

You can access all these services on the basis of your electronic identity, created for you by the directory administrator at your institution. With your electronic identity you also receive an e-mail address, which you can access through the CARNET Webmail.




Phone: +385 1 6661 555