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CARNET operation is realised through a series of interconnected services (permanent tasks) and projects (tasks of limited duration, oriented towards establishing of new services and improvement of the existing ones). Basic organisational units are project teams and task groups.

Departments operating within CARNET are:

Managing Council represents the interests of CARNET founders, the Croatian Government. The Managing Council members are appointed by the Minister of Science and Technology. Since 11 March 2014 the members of the Managing Council are:

  • Sanja PoliŠ (Chairman of the Board))
  • Goran KolariŠ
  • doc. dr. sc. Kristijan Lenac
  • Fredi Glavan
  • Ivica Markulin.

CARNET Executive Committee co-ordinates short- and long-term planning, and makes decisions on business organisation and is responsible for the relations with the government bodies, users, partners and the public, and its members are:

The Users Board is CARNET advisory body formed by all CARNET co-ordinators at member institutions. Since March 2016 the President of the CARNET Users Board is Dragutin Kermek.