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Rights and liabilities of member institutions

By joining the CARNET network, and pursuant to the Decision of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports on the acquisition of CARNET user status and the CARNET user rights of 21st February 2006, the members obtain the following rights:

  • The right to an access point to the CARNET network,
  • The right to transfer information from the access point in CARNET over a computer network within the Republic of Croatia and toward the world,
  • The right to use assistance intended for end users in the form of user support service (Helpdesk),
  • The right to use CARNET professional assistance services in the form of support service for CARNET system engineers (Helpdesk for system engineers) and courses for CARNET system engineers
  • The right to use the CARNET CERT and Abuse services in cases of computer security incidents and unacceptable use of CARNET resources.

Pursuant to the same Decision of the Ministry, each CARNET member is obliged to:

  • Ensure the basic preconditions for connection, laid down in the CARNET CDA document number CDA0018 before connecting to the CARNET network,
  • Conclude a contract with CARNET specifying the relationships and mutual obligations,
  • Appoint member representatives for relationships between member institution and CARNET based on the CARNET document Decision on member representatives in relationship with CARNET,
  • Regularly inform all employees, students and schoolchildren about all their rights, and ensure them the right to use CARNET resources by continuously creating AAI@EduHr electronic identities,
  • Set up and maintain information services and release and update information about the institution's activities, in compliance with the decisions of the Ministry and CARNET,
  • Set up and maintain an LDAP directory for user authentication and authorisation,
  • Never charge, neither indirectly nor directly, for access to CARNET resources,
  • Ensure that in its area of responsibility the users behave in accordance with the Decision on the acceptable use of the CARNET network and in accordance with other CDA documents.

Other member rights and obligations depend on the membership category which the institution belongs to (full, associate or temporary membership), and more detail on this subject can be found in the Decision of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports on the acquisition of CARNET user status and the CARNET user rights.




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