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How to become a member institution

The Minister of Science and Education brings the decision on membership and an application is submitted to the following address:

    Ministarstvo znanosti i obrazovanja
    Uprava za informatiku i tehnologije
    Donje Svetice 38
    10000 Zagreb

In exceptional cases, the CARNET Managing Committee can bring the decision on membership regarding institutions supported by CARNET during pilot projects.

After an institution has gained the status of a member, an agreement is signed between the member and CARNET, regulating mutual rights and liabilities concerning the use of services and resources.

The members are obliged to appoint their official representatives in dealings with CARNET.

Full members from the academic community are obliged to appoint:

  • CARNET coordinators and
  • CARNET system-engineers.

Full members from the primary and secondary educational system are obliged to appoint:

  • School administrator of the register
  • School administrator of resources.

The member is also obliged to ensure minimum technical prerequisites before it is provided with the equipment and connection to the CARNET Network, as well as continuously after the connection has been realized (CDA 0018).

The realization of the connection does not depends solely on CARNET, but also on the other factors important for the realization of the connection (e.g. telecommunication service provider).




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