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Internet Services

Hosting Service for Schools - service that provides opening of e-mail addresses and creation of a school website

CMS for Schools - system providing a simple way to publish and update web sites through a Web browser

Electronic Identity - virtual identity in the CARNET network given to individual users from CARNET member institutions (primary and secondary school students, teachers, students, professors and member institution employees), which enables them to use CARNET services

e-Class Register - web application for the management of the class register in electronic form

mToken - application for the generation of one-time passwords required for specific CARNET services

e-Citizens mToken - a letter of credentials of the safety level 3 which consists of a mobile and a server application

mCARNET - application for accessing mobile services provided by CARNET

Public Server - computer system through which legal entities may publish non-commercial contents that contribute to the improvement of information space of the Republic of Croatia

CARNet Debian - Distribution of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, customized to the needs of the CARNET members

Virtual Servers - service intended for full member institutions with smaller number of users, which do not have a system engineer

VoopIX - system based on the VoIP technology, enabling free phone conversations between member institutions, MSES and CARNET, as well as other advanced options

sys.backup - a service that enables CARNET's system engineers to backup their data over the network in a secure manner

Supervision for Institutions - supervisory service for the member institutions, which enables the automatic supervision of various incidents on the computer-network infrastructure of the institution and the informing of system-engineers on incidents that occur

E-mail - use of the e-mail service

Webmail - Web browser for reading electronic mail

Web Space - space for publishing websites

Domains - registration of Internet domains

NTP - system of time servers

News - exchange of messages and communication online between a large number of users

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - network service for data file exchange, primarily intended for distribution of CARNet packages and mirroring of the more popular content on the Internet

CARNET Bandwidth Meter - enables CARNET network users to measure connection speed between their computers and CARNET network

Microsoft Download Center - a central place for download of Microsoft software for primary and secondary schools in Croatia

Office365 - access to Office365 tools for all members of the education syste