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International Cooperation

As part of its vision of inclusion of the Republic of Croatia in modern information society, CARNet participates in a series of international activities.

Parallel with the increase of physical link speed on GEANT network, there is an increased development of CARNet's parallel (human) link towards European and international academic Internet community. CARNet activities in the sphere of international cooperation are forming a stable communication channel towards foreign countries, providing CARNet with an opportunity to present Croatia and its academic research community. Intensification of international contacts and activities helps to create a contact network suitable for exchange of information and best practice in organisational and technological aspects of academic and research networks.

Within the international cooperation, CARNet:

  • follows activities of other academic networks in Europe
  • participates in the work of international organisations that gather national, educational, academic and research networks
  • stimulates integration of the Croatian academic community into the international projects in the field of research and implementation of information technologies
  • provides coordination support to participation of CARNet employees in international projects.