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CARNET offers its users a webmail service. Webmail is an e-mail client based on web technology, which uses the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) service at member institutions for e-mail access. Webmail makes your mail easily accessible from any part of the world, and significantly facilitates the setting of your access data. Its use requires only a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera...), and a functioning Internet connection.

Webmail offered by CARNET is based on the Horde web service and IMP webmail client technology (Internet Messaging Program). When logging in you can select one of the three display modes: dynamic, traditional and minimalist. The selection depends on the current needs, the power of the computer and the speed of Internet connection, but the functionality will not be affected at all. Display mode can be changed at any time by marking the field "Display settings after log-in" ("Pokaži postavke nakon prijave") and selecting the desired display mode.

The CARNET webmail client address is, which at the same time replaces the old iPernica system which was used by students, teachers and school employees.




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