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The O2CARNET service offers individual access to the CARNET network and was developed in cooperation with the company Optima. This service uses ADSL technology and enables CARNET network users to connect to the CARNET network via the Optima network infrastructure and thereby to use all services offered by CARNET to its users.

The basic O2CARNET service package includes Internet access (ADSL2+) with a speed of 3Mbps/384kbps, one (analogue) phone line and one phone number, unlimited Internet traffic through the CARNET network, and modem lease.

In the parts of Croatia in which, until recently, CARNET users were unable to use ADSL access to the CARNET network, the O2CARNET service provides users with access to the CARNET network through ADSL technology.




Phone: +385 1 6661 555