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E-mail or electronic mail is one of the simplest and most popular Internet services. It enables the transfer of messages via the Internet, mainly textual, using e-mail addresses in the form of as a method of recognising users.

CARNET indirectly offers the electronic mail service to all its users – they can receive access to the e-mail service via their home CARNET member institution. CARNET ensures the e-mail service infrastructure in all its member institutions, while the institutions themselves assign e-mail boxes to the users. 

In order to use the e-mail service, the user needs to receive the following from his administrator:

  • a user name and password for access to the e-mail server
  • an e-mail server address for receiving e-mails.

The Internet protocols POP3 (receipt), IMAP (receipt), SMTP (sending) are used to access the e-mail account. At the same time, it is also possible to receive and send electronic mail via special webmail websites. CARNET member institutions have the possibility to provide users with their own webmail systems, and at the same time CARNET allows the use of the central CARNET webmail system.




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