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CARNET Bandwidth Meter
| Page last updated at 25. 5. 2018. 13:34 |
CARNET Bandwidth Meter

CARNET Bandwidth Meter enables CARNET users to measure the speed of raw data transmission to and from CARNET network.

The data transmission measurement results vary depending on how many users use the network, the type of accessible user network, background processing load of the user's computer, CARNET servers load etc.

The measurement results also depend on the Internet browser used (CARNET recommends the use of Firefox browser).

The measured values will always be a bit lower than the nominal values published by the user's direct Internet access providers, considering that the Bandwidth Meter measures only raw data and not protocol overhead.

CARNET Bandwidth Meter is for personal use only and cannot be used for other purposes. CARNET reserves the right to limit access to users who access Internet via commercial service providers.




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