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Upon your arrival to Dubrovnik you will be landing at the Dubrovnik Airport.

From the airport to the city centre and University

By Bus

Dubrovnik Airport Ćilipi is located 22 km from the City (about 30 minutes by car).
There is a continuous bus service from the airport to the City (“Pile” station), Main bus station (Gruž harbour). The price is HRK 40 (EUR 5,20). Tickets may be purchased on the bus.

From the Pile bus station, you can take local bus #6 to the University.

From the Main bus station, you can take local bus #7 to the University.

For the local bus schedule, see here

Tickets for local bus cost HRK 15/EUR 2,00 and can be purchased on the bus or any news stand.

By Taxi
You can catch a taxi outside the airport, or you can reserve one by calling + 385 020 640 100

The price is approximately HRK 250 (EUR 33,00).


From the University to the city centre

By Bus
Take local bus #6 to bus station Pile (departs every 15 minutes). Tickets cost HRK 15/EUR 2,00

By Taxi
You can ask the hotel receptionist to call a taxi for you, or call + 385 020 640 100. A taxi from the hotel to the city centre/Old Town costs HRK 70/EUR 10 (+ 23% VAT)