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Computer Security

Content Filtering - system that prevents the display of websites of objectionable content on computers in Croatian primary and secondary schools

Server Certificates - issuing of electronic server certificates signed by a root CA (Certification Authority), recognised by the most of the popular client software programs

Vulnerability Scanning - verification of security conditions of computers and other devices for the CARNET member institutions and internet service providers

Mediation in Resolving Computer Incidents – in case that the network from which the attack originated cannot be easily identified and if the report to the authorised Abuse service was not sufficient to stop the illegal network activities and the incident repeats over a longer period of time, creating the need for mediation in solving the incident, the incident should be reported to CARNET

Security Recommendations - service of following and publishing safety recommendations in Croatian for 15 most popular operating systems

Abuse Service - receives and processes reports concerning security incidents and abuse of CARNET resources