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CARNET currently employs 141 persons in six cities of Croatia - Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula. CARNET team consists of people of various professions. Each of them has found their place in CARNET and contribute in their respective unique ways to achieving the common goal.

Development of Personnel

Due to the development of information technologies and the requirements faced by CARNET, permanent education and professional training represent a must for the CARNET employees. Therefore, special attention is paid to the development of personnel. Apart from improvements in the field of advanced information technologies, CARNET employees have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of organisation as well as management. The employees may acquire new knowledge through postgraduate courses and various trainings and seminars both at home and abroad. Permanent extension of knowledge and improvement of competencies are both the rights and the obligation of every CARNET-er.

Method of Work

CARNET core activity and the environment in which it operates require extreme flexibility of every CARNET employee as well as of the organisation in general. The employees face everyday challenges that can be successfully met only by joint engagement of the people of various professions and by searching for new and original solutions. Therefore, CARNET method of operation focuses on the project and multidisciplinary work, with the orientation towards the users being the guiding principle of all CARNET employees.

Constant contact with the latest advances in the field of information technologies, the possibility of engagement in various projects, teamwork, continuously new challenges and informal working atmosphere turn every day at CARNET into a special and different event.


The associates occupy a special place and play a significant role at CARNET. There is intensive co-operation with students, but also with all the people who with their ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm can and wish to contribute to the realisation of the CARNET mission.